Degree Programs | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

B.A. in Environment & Sustainability

Degree Programs

The Environment & Sustainability Program offers three B.A. concentrations: Environmental Studies (emphasizing natural sciences), Sustainability Studies (emphasizing social sciences and humanities), and Environmental & Sustainability Studies (a self-designed major for students with at least a 3.30 GPA as of the junior year).  We also offer two minors: Environmental Studies and Sustainability Studies, which are smaller versions of the majors.

All of these majors and minors are conveniently integrated with other majors and minors in the College of Arts and Sciences and throughout the University in general. Many of our required classes fulfill general education requirements, and students have great flexibility in designing their course of study.  Quality advising is particularly important for all of our programs, and you should consider meeting with an advisor as soon as possible if you are considering a major or minor in any of our programs.

The Program is officially a concentration in Special Programs in Liberal Studies but has existed as an identifiable program since 2000, when the minor in Environmental Studies was first offered.  The major in Environmental Studies (B.A.) began in 2007, and the minor in Sustainability Studies was first offered in 2014. The majors in Sustainability Studies (B.A.) and in Environmental & Sustainability Studies (B.A.) began in 2017. In the fall of 2018, the ‘Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program’ renamed to the ‘Environment & Sustainability Program’ and merged with the Department of Geography to become the Department of Geography, Environment, and Sustainability.