Environmental & Sustainability Studies Major | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

B.A. in Environment & Sustainability

Environmental & Sustainability Studies Major

The following description elaborates on the University Catalog information (from 2017-18, as AOS Code U876; the only substantive change for 2018-19 is that this degree is now identified as ENSS).

B.A., Special Programs in Liberal Studies, Concentration in Environmental & Sustainability Studies: 122 s.h, with at least 36 s.h. above the 300 level. (Requirements are the same for students completing this B.A. as a primary or secondary major.)

Please consult also the very important advice on General Education requirements that are shared among all concentrations/majors in the Program!

Program Admission Requirements for Environmental & Sustainability Studies Major

  • Junior standing
  • 3.30 GPA
  • Completion of ENV 100 and ENV 110 and at least 15 s.h. of further required core courses and/or Related Area Electives.

Environmental & Sustainability Studies Major Requirements (Core)

  • ENV 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ENV 110 Introduction to Sustainability Studies
  • ENV 300 Environment and Experience (at least 1 s.h.)
  • ENV 400 Capstone Seminar
  • One of the following:
    • BIO 112 Principles of Biology II & BIO 112L Principles of Biology II Lab
    • BIO 105 Major Concepts of Biology & BIO 105L Major Concepts of Biology Lab
  • CHE 252 Chemistry and the Human Environment
  • GEO 106 Geosystems Science & GEO 106L Geosystems Science Lab
  • PHI 363 Environmental Ethics
  • One of the following:
    • ECO 250 Economic and Business Statistics I
    • SOC 302 Introduction to Data Analysis
    • STA 108 Elementary Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • STA 271 Fundamental Concepts of Statistics
    • STA 290 Introduction to Probability and Statistical Inference

Related Area & Free Electives for Environmental & Sustainability Studies

In consultation with the Director, students choose 39 s.h., with a minimum of 3 s.h. in each of the four related area electives (Natural Sciences, Equity & Society, Economics & Development, and Aesthetics & Ethics; see course list). Other classes may include any ENV prefixed course or any relevant course approved by the Director.