Honors | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

B.A. in Environment & Sustainability



Declared major in Environmental & Sustainability Studies.

Minimum grade of B in all course work used to satisfy the major requirements.

Minimum overall 3.30 GPA at graduation.


12 s.h. of Honors work to include the following:

  • 9 s.h. of honors course work. Honors course work consists of a) courses at any level that are designated as honors courses or b) 500 level courses.
  • At least 6 of the 9 hours of honors course work must consist of courses that count toward the requirements for the Environmental & Sustainability Studies major.
  • HSS 490 or ENV 493 (Senior Thesis or Project)


Usually, each fall ENV 100 (Introduction to Environmental Studies) includes an embedded honors section.

Usually, each spring ENV 110 (Introduction to Sustainability Studies) includes an embedded honors section.