Sustainability Studies Major | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

B.A. in Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability Studies Major

The following description elaborates on the University Catalog information (from 2017-18, as AOS Code U874; the only substantive change for 2018-19 is that this degree is now identified as SUST).

B.A., Special Programs in Liberal Studies, Concentration in Environmental Studies: 122 s.h, with at least 36 s.h. above the 300 level. No program admission requirements.

Please consult also the very important advice on General Education requirements that are shared among all concentrations/majors in the Program!

Sustainability Studies Major Requirements (Core)

  • ENV 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ENV 110 Introduction to Sustainability Studies
  • ENV 300 Environment and Experience (at least 1 s.h.)
  • ENV 400 Capstone Seminar
  • One of the following:
    • BIO 112 Principles of Biology II & BIO 112L Principles of Biology II Lab
    • BIO 105 Major Concepts of Biology & BIO 105L Major Concepts of Biology Lab
  • CHE 252 Chemistry and the Human Environment
  • GEO 106 Geosystems Science & GEO 106L Geosystems Science Lab
  • PHI 363 Environmental Ethics
  • One of the following:
    • ECO 250 Economic and Business Statistics I
    • SOC 302 Introduction to Data Analysis
    • STA 108 Elementary Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • STA 271 Fundamental Concepts of Statistics
    • STA 290 Introduction to Probability and Statistical Inference

Related Area Electives for Sustainability Studies Major

Free Electives for Sustainability Studies Major

6 s.h. from any of the following:

  • ENV 300 (when taken beyond the 1 s.h. required in the Core)
  • ENV 399 Environmental Studies Internship  (internships are optional and may count for up to 3 s.h. of electives)
  • ENV 401 Individual Study
  • ENV 493 Honors Work
  • BIO 497 Internship in Biology (internships are optional and may count for up to 3 s.h. of electives)
  • Any additional course(s) listed in the Related Area Electives above