Minor in Sustainability Studies | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

B.A. in Environment & Sustainability

Minor in Sustainability Studies

The following description elaborates on the University Catalog information.

AOS Code: U868

Minimum of 18 s.h.


  • ENV 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ENV 110 Introduction to Sustainability Studies

Minimum of additional 12 s.h. from the Related Area Electives.

All classes must be outside of the student’s major department(s). [Majors in ENV, ENV & SUS, and SUS are not permitted to also minor in ENV or in SUS!]

No more than 8 s.h. from any one department.

At least two courses must be at or above the 300 level, one of which must be in the Natural Sciences area.

Must include at least one of the sustainability focused courses below:

  • BIO 526 Conservation Biology
  • ECO 100 Economics of a Global Sustainable Society
  • IAR 124 Introduction to Sustainable Design
  • GEO 331/STH 331 Sustainable Tourism and Transportation
  • LLC 130 Global Green: Cultures of Production and/or Consumption
  • STH 311 Sustainable Food and Beverage
  • STH 332 Sustainable Destination Planning and Management
  • PCS 505/SWK 505 Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Response for Sustainability

Related Area Electives