Major Requirements | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

B.S. in Geography

Major Requirements

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Requirements: The College of Arts and Sciences requires 120 semester hours for the Geography B.S., to include at least 36 credits at or above the 300 course level, plus additional requirements outlined in the General Education Curriculum (MAC).

All Geography degrees requires a minimum of 27 semester hours in geography courses numbered 200 and higher. In the B.S. program, students must select one of three concentrations: Earth Science, Geographic Information Science (GIS), or Urban Planning. Students complete a core of Foundational Courses that includes GES 103/103L and other courses that vary with concentration, plus a set of upper division GES courses in the concentration (view the specific course requirements, and in the sidebar link “Geography Concentrations.”)

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Student Learning Goals

Although B.S. students typically specialize within a concentration, all students complete some coursework in Earth Science, GIS, Urban Planning and Human Geography, and are expected to demonstrate a basic competence in the broader discipline of Geography.  All Geography mnajors are expected to be able to successfully investigate geographic problems using the current research techniques and methodologies of the discipline and to clearly and effectively express their findings in both written and oral form.