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M.A. in Applied Geography

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M.A. in Applied Geography


Basic Areas

The UNCG Geography program offers both PhD and Master’s degrees in an applied program designed to allow concentration in a clearly defined sub-field as well as honing a foundation in the breadth of geography. Comfort with diversity is necessary for communicating with fellow geographers; comfort with the depth of a sub-field is necessary for making original contributions to research scholarship. Degrees provide advanced-level proficiency in:

Urban Planning, Transportation and Regional Economic Development
This area includes work in urban and economic development applied to metropolitan and regional areas on a variety of scales, including issues of transportation, tourism, demographics, political boundaries, and business site selection. Departmental specialties include North America, Europe, and Asia.

This area is designed for students who have an interest in connecting approaches to addressing coupled human environmental problems in the context of broader studies in geography.

Earth Science and Natural Resource Management
This area includes departmental specializations in climatology, dendroecology, hydrology, geomorphology, soils, and environmental assessment. Fieldwork opportunities are an integral extension of classwork.

Geographic Information Science
This area comprises the techniques and research focus of cartography, geographic information systems, and remote sensing including work in statistics, computational modeling, and visualization.

A Masters degree in either of the four above areas may be achieved in three ways: 1) a thesis, required for a doctoral program and academic careers; 2) an internship project, practical when connected with work as an employee in a company; or 3) a non-thesis option that requires two research projects and additional coursework. Additionally “Urban Planning and Economic Development Concentration” and “Geosciences Education for Teachers Concentration” focuses are available.