Geosciences Education for Teachers Concentration (GET) | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

M.A. in Applied Geography

Geosciences Education for Teachers Concentration (GET)

The Geosciences Education for Teachers concentration is directed towards students and educators interested in expanding their expertise in teaching geosciences. Completing the Master’s of Arts in Applied Geography with this concentration requires students to combine the core requirements of the M.A. degree with courses emphasizing the knowledge and skills needed to teach geosciences at the middle grades, secondary grades, and community college levels. The required core courses, formal reviews and examinations are the same as for the Master of Arts degree in Applied Geography, non-thesis, course-work option-with a competency portfolio. Within this framework, students will complete 38 credit hours by taking the required courses specified below. Note that GES 650 and GES 651 will be field course experiences for the GET concentration and students will present their portfolios as part of GES 650 and GES 651. (Students’ competency portfolios will becomprised of self-selected geosciences instructional modules designed while students were enrolled in GES 607, 608, 609, 610 and 611.

Required Core Courses (38 hours)

  • GES 601 – Research Trends in Geography (1:1)
  • GES 607 – Earth Science for Educators (5:3:6)
  • GES 608 – Weather and Climate for Educators (5:3:6)
  • GES 609 – Hydrology for Educators (5:3:6)
  • AST 609 – Solar System Astronomy for Teachers (3:3)
  • GES 610 – Physical Geology for Educators (5:3:6)
  • GES 611 – Natural Hazards and Society for Educators (5:3:6)
  • GES 620 – Spatial Analysis (3:3)
  • GES 651 – Seminar in Regional Geography (Field Course) (3:1:6)
  • GES 650 – Applied Physical Geography (Field Course) (3:1:6)