Transferring Coursework | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

M.A. in Applied Geography

Transferring Coursework

In some instances, work completed at other institutions may be counted towards your degree. If you propose the transfer of credit, it must be recommended by your dissertation committee before the Graduate School will credit the work to your program. The maximum amount of credits transferable is approximately 9 credit hours. The following conditions also apply:

  • Courses must have been taken at a recognized, accredited graduate school
  • Courses may NOT have been used to complete the requirements for another degree
  • Courses must have been taken within the five-year time frame of the degree
  • A 3.0 or better grade must have been earned on all transfer credit
  • The credit must be recorded on an official transcript that is on file with the Graduate School
  • Transfer credits must be approved by the student’s major department and by the Vice Provost of Graduate Education. Form is found here.
  • Transfer credit must be necessary to meet specific degree requirements
  • A maximum of 9 credit hours may be transferred