Dr. Plaxedes T. Chitiyo


Dr. Plaxedes T. Chitiyo

Plaxedes Chitiyo

Academic Professional, Associate Director of the Environment and Sustainability Program


Sustainable agriculture, urban agriculture, urban green space development, environmental justice, environmental policy, sustainability.


Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


Dr. Plaxedes Chitiyo (Nee Makweche) specializes in sustainable agriculture, exploring how it can meet our current societal needs as well as creating systems that sustain future generations. Prior to joining UNCG Geography department, Dr. Chitiyo was an Assistant Professor at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where she did collaborative work with urban community gardens and farms as well as non-profit organizations to address food insecurity and food apartheid issues in Pittsburgh inner city neighborhoods. She was part of the steering committee involved in developing the Food Action Plan for Pittsburgh and Greater Pittsburgh area, an initiative led by the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council. Her research has also looked at the impact of environmental policy on development of sustainable agriculture, underlying issues in agriculture such as environmental justice, and the importance of using community gardens and green space development as tools for citizen science. She is interested in working with different stakeholders to improve food security in both urban and rural settings.