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Angela Charpentier Green

Angela Charpentier Green

Posted on September 25, 2020

What was your career path prior to coming to UNCG?

Before UNCG I worked as a registered nurse in Emergency medicine mostly. It was a great career but the “Opiate Crisis” and the “Mental Health Crisis” of the last 20 years made working in healthcare especially challenging, burn out was real. I worked in Chapel Hill and was exposed to co-workers from many different cultures. I loved to talk about their homes and look on google maps with them.

What made you choose geography as your major?

I realized that maybe this love of cultures and maps could translate into a career in geography. I used to read National Geographic magazine cover to cover. I needed a change and knew that I would have to get a degree in geography to get a job in geography.

What were some highlights of your undergraduate career in GEO?

My field study trip to Iceland was the highlight, I had the best guides in Dr. Patton and Dr. Jay. They are experts in geography and showcased the best of Iceland for a budding geographer. I didn’t go to Iceland to shop or lay on the beach! I also enjoyed going to the local creeks with Dr. P in the water class, putting on waders to measure the water levels. I like the hands on work of applied geography.

Where are you now and how did you decide to take that path?

I knew that I would need a master’s degree to get a “good” job in geography. Being a nurse I still love healthcare at a basic level and realized that medical geography could be a good way to combine my two interests. University of North Texas has a very good master’s program in Medical geography and I thought Texas might be fun for a few years.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I still don’t exactly know what my future job will look like but I am open to the many options that will come my way. I have always liked to take the path less traveled it makes life interesting. As long as that path doesn’t have a hungry momma bear around the corner.