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Environment & Sustainability Program

Environment & Sustainability Alumni & Awards

There are over 200 alumni of the Environment & Sustainability Program, dating back as early as 2000 with self-designed majors in Environmental Studies. Alumni: please feel email us at evs@uncg.edu – we would love to hear from you! You can read more about our alumni here

Each year, three outstanding Environment & Sustainability Program seniors are awarded the Ann Berry Somers Award for Conservation, the Susan J. Buck Award for Environmental Policy & Practice, and the William T. Markham Award for Graduate Study in Environmental Studies.

These awards are named in honor of past UNCG faculty members that have profoundly impacted the development of the Environment & Sustainability Program that exists today. 

Recipients of the Ann Berry Somers Award:

    2019  Ashley Rose

    2020  Madeline Galliano

    2021  Edward J. Brim

    2022  Natalie Sabiston

Recipients of the Susan J. Buck Award:

    2021   Mary’Iam I. Griffin

    2022  Hannah Ely

Recipients of the William T. Markham Award:

    2021  Samantha Kailand Gaillard

    2022  Mikayla Surrette