Internships | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability Program


Relevant internships are available with the local environmental organizations, businesses, and government agencies. Students should contact UNCG’s Career & Professional Development to locate appropriate internships. The Environment & Sustainability Program maintains a list of some relevant opportunities here.  

B.A. students are responsible for arranging the internship. Once the student and the organization agree on the terms of an internship, the student should decide if s/he wants it to be purely for the experience (without UNCG credit) or for academic credit (with enrollment through UNCG).  If no UNCG credit is desired, the student and the organization should make all arrangements between themselves. If UNCG credit is desired, the following requirements must be met:

  • Major in Environment & Sustainability,
  • At least Junior standing (Seniors preferred),
  • At least 3.0 GPA,
  • At least eight hours per week working at internship site, and
  • Scheduling flexibility to be present at internship site regularly at mutually agreed times.

To receive credit, students must submit a request the Program Director for approval to enroll in GES 366, which will count as an elective in any of the majors or minors in the Program (exceptions are rare but possible).  The request should indicate that all those requirements are met, should describe (in approximately 100 words) the internship site and activities, and should state that the student is willing and able to:

  • Attend class meetings (up to 10 hours total, schedule TBD),
  • Read and discuss appropriate articles and/or books, and
  • Write a final paper (2,000 words) reporting on and analyzing the internship experience.
  • Take responsibility for acquiring (or submitting documentation waiving the need to acquire) the required UNCG insurance (see here and here).

The ProgramDirector will follow up as necessary with requests for further information, a potential meeting, and a final decision about whether the internship program is acceptable for academic credit.