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Environment & Sustainability Program

Prospective Students

Are you motivated to make the world a better place?  Do you love animals? Like to be outdoors? Care about nature?  Are you driven by a sense of ethics with regard to how people treat the environment?  Do you want to fight for social justice?  Do you want to work to reconnect humans with nature?

Do you have broad ranging academic interests? Having a hard time committing to a single major? Want to double major or add on a minor? Do you want great flexibility when it comes to jobs, careers, and furthering your education after you graduate from UNCG?

If so, then UNCG’s Environment & Sustainability Program is the place for you!

The best thing to do if you are curious about the program is to check out the requirements for our B.A. in Environment & Sustainability, which has two concentrations: Natural Sciences and Equity, Development & Ethics. You might also be interested in our minors, one each in Environment and in Sustainability. (By the way, we also offer various graduate degrees.) Another thing to do is reach out to the  Program Director, Dr. Aaron Allen

Students in the Environment & Sustainability Program regularly major and minor in other fields, both because it is easily done (many of our classes “double dip” in general education and other majors/minors) and because it is useful (especially for some career paths). Common coordinate degrees include Geography, Biology, Political Science, Sociology, Interior Architecture, Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality, Business, Economics, and many others.