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Environment & Sustainability Program

Noongar Wonderland

Noongar Wonderland: Creative Indigenous Traditions to Reconnect People & Landscapes
Friday, March 24, 2023, 4-5:30pm
Alexander Room of the Elliott University Center
(507 Stirling St., Greensboro)

Members of Mayakeniny with representatives of the Guilford Native American Association and UNCG Native American Students Association

All the way from so-called Australia, the Mayakeniny Dance Group is coming to UNC Greensboro to share expressive culture unique to their corner of the world. Join UNCG’s Native American Student Association, the School of Music, the School of Dance, and the Environment & Sustainability Program in welcoming them and their presentation of Noongar Wonderland. The event is open to the public.

The Mayakeniny, which means “sound dancing,” Dance Group are a Noongar collective Indigenous to the southwest of Western Australia, led by Trevor Ryan and Rubeun Yorkshire and featuring songs by Maatakitj (professor of Indigenous languages Clint Bracknell). As the southwest of Western Australia is a global biodiversity hotspot, a global drying hotspot, and a site of Indigenous language endangerment, Mayakeniny Dance Group creates innovative performance works in Noongar creative traditions to reconnect people and landscapes.

Mayakeniny Dance Group has emerged from the Australian Research Council Project “Restoring on-Country Performance” led by Clint Bracknell (University of Queensland), Linda Barwick (University of Sydney), Pierre Horwitz and Dan McAullay (Edith Cowan University), and Aaron Allen (UNC Greensboro).