Colloquium Series Spring 2021 | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

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Colloquium Series Spring 2021

All Presentations start at 3:30 pm in Graham TBA. There will be more information sent out closer to that date.
Contact Dr. Wenliang Li at for any inquiries
For disability accommodations, please contact the department office at 336-334-5388.

Date Speaker   Title of Presentation
Feb. 5 Dr. Camilla A. Hawthorne, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California Santa Cruz. Dr. Camilla A. Hawthorne “Cartographies of Citizenship in the Black Mediterranean”
Feb. 19 Dr. Qunying Huang, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin Madison Dr. Qunying Huang “Big Data and GeoAI for Natural Hazards”
Mar. 5 Dr. Katherine Lininger, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Colorado Boulder Dr. Katherine Lininger “River corridors and the carbon cycle: geomorphic controls on carbon stocks in floodplain soil and wood”
Mar. 19 Dr. Amy Frazier, Assistant Professor, School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning, Arizona State University Dr. Amy Frazier “Connectivity and conservation of western chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) habitat in Liberia”
Mar. 26 AAG Conference Practice Presentations
Apr. 16 Dr. Aby Sene-Harper, Assistant Professor, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, Clemson University Dr. Aby Sene-Harper “We have our own cultural way of being in nature”: Black Americans and the National Parks