Environment & Sustainability Program Advisory Council | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability


Environment & Sustainability Program Advisory Council

The Environment & Sustainability Program is supported by a diverse group of individuals from across the campus and community who support the Program in specific and informal ways.  (Membership is open to volunteers; if you are interested in participating, please contact the Program Director.)

*Aaron S. Allen, Music (CVPA), Director
*Ann Somers, Biology (CAS), Associate Director (until Dec. 2020)
*Plaxedes Chitiyo, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability (CAS), Associate Director (from Jan. 2021)

Ridwaana Allen, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability (CAS)
*Bruce Banks, Chemistry & Biochemistry (CAS)
Matthew Bryant, University Communications, m_bryan2@uncg.edu 
Erick Byrd, Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality (Bryan)
Adam Carlin, Director of Greensboro Project Space and Director of Community Engagement (CVPA), ajcarlin@uncg.edu
Sarah Dorsey, University Libraries, sbdorsey@uncg.edu
Dr. Shanna N. Eller, Urban Planner
Faun Finley, EMSL, Founder of Story Effects Consulting, Former Chair of City of Greensboro Community Sustainability Council, faun.finley@gmail.com
Amanda Gale, Interior Architecture (CAS)
Patricia Gray, Office of Research & Economic Development, p_gray@uncg.edu
Ann Grimaldi, Weatherspoon Art Museum, afgrimal@uncg.edu
Stephen Holland, Economics (Bryan)
Karen KilcupEnglish (CAS)
*Etsuko Kinefuci, Communication Studies (CAS)
Marianne LeGreco, Communication Studies (CAS)
*Jay Lennartson, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability (CAS), gjlennar@uncg.edu
David McDuffie, Religious Studies (CAS)
*Sarah Praskievicz, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability (CAS)
Meredith Powers, Social Work (HHS), MCFPowers@uncg.edu
Nathan Rector, Recreation & Wellness, narector@uncg.edu 
Jeremy Rinker, Peace & Conflict Studies (HHS), jarinker@uncg.edu
Adam Rosenfeld, Philosophy (CAS), amrosenf@uncg.edu
Mark Schultz, Public Health Education (HHS)
Derek Skillings, Philosophy (CAS)
* John Stehlin, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability (CAS)
Selima Sultana, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability (CAS)
Steve Tate, Goat Lady Dairy
Gideon Wasserberg, Biology (CAS), g_wasser@uncg.edu
Bonnie Yarbrough, English (CAS) / Entrepreneurship (Bryan), btyarbro@uncg.edu

* = member of the Curriculum & Assessment Committee