Environment & Sustainability Program Advisory Council | Geography, Environment, and Sustainability


Environment & Sustainability Program Advisory Council

The Environment & Sustainability Program is supported by a diverse group of individuals from across the campus and community who support the Program in specific and informal ways. (Membership is open to volunteers; if you are interested in participating, please contact the Program Director.) The Advisory Council functions as a “board of directors” and is dedicated to keeping the Program as interdisciplinary as possible. Its membership emphasizes participation from outside of GES; faculty teaching core classes in the undergraduate and graduate programs, including GES faculty, participate in the relevant program committees.

Aaron S. Allen, Music (CVPA), Director

Plaxedes Chitiyo, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability (CAS), Associate Director

Adam Rosenfeld, Philosophy (CAS)

Amanda Gale, Interior Architecture (CAS)

Bruce Banks, Chemistry & Biochemistry (CAS)

Katie Farina (E&S ’19), Greensboro Office of Sustainability & Resilience

David McDuffie, Religious Studies (CAS)

Derek Skillings, Philosophy (CAS)

Erick Byrd, Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality (Bryan)

Etsuko Kinefuchi, Communication Studies (CAS)

Jeremy Rinker, Peace & Conflict Studies (HHS)

Jim Coleman, Biology (CAS)

Faun Finley, EMSL, Former Chair of City of Greensboro Community Sustainability Council

Karen Kilcup, English (CAS)

Laura Pipe, University Teaching and Learning Commons and Kinesiology (HHS)

Marcia Hale, Peace & Conflict Studies (HHS)

Meredith Powers, Social Work (HHS)

Patricia Gray, Office of Research & Economic Development

Stephen Holland, Economics (Bryan)