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Our Mission Statement

The Department of Geography, Environment, and Sustainability is a student-centered department having a three-fold integrated mission encompassing teaching, scholarship, and service. The Department offers a program presenting an integrative perspective on the relations among social, political, economic, and physical phenomena occurring across space. The Department is committed to teaching the concepts and research methods of the discipline in order to prepare geography majors for professional careers and/or advanced study. Non-geography majors are presented the geographic knowledge needed to understand the nature of the human and environmental patterns found in the world around them. Graduate student education is focused on preparing our students for advanced professional careers and/or further graduate study. The Department is committed to excellence in both theoretical and applied research. Undergraduate and graduate student involvement in research is encouraged to develop student understanding, reasoning, and technical skills. Through scholarship, teaching, and service, the Department of Geography, Environment, and Sustainability is dedicated to bettering our community, nation, and planet.