Lisa Julian Keniry


Lisa Julian Keniry

Adjunct Faculty
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M.S., Environmental Sciences and Policy, Johns Hopkins University
B.A., International Relations & German, Agnes Scott University 


Julian has been inspiring higher education innovation for sustainability across the world for nearly three decades. She has served in many leadership capacities for sustainability, including as senior director and co-founder of the Campus Ecology Program at the National Wildlife Federation. Across various leadership roles, Julian has supported several thousand sustainability projects and several hundred fellowships and internships, impacting more than 10 million students across most of the 4,000 institutions of higher education in the US and many others across the world. She also spearheaded the Ecoleaders Program and State of Campus Environment surveys and co-created the Campus Climate Challenge and Greenforce Initiatives. Juliian is the author of articles on frames for teaching sustainability (2019) and on sustainability credentials (2020) as well as the books Greenprint: A Plan to Prepare Community College Students for Careers in the Clean Economy (2016) and the foundational Ecodemia: Campus Environmental Stewardship at the Turn of the 21st Century (1995). Julian founded the ESDI Group, LLC, and Green Teach for Opportunity in 2019 to help educators prepare students for careers that require green skills so that employers can pivot more quickly and students and their families can enjoy a bright future.

Courses Taught

GES 260 Sustainable Campus Operations
GES 264 Intro to Environment through Film